The objective is to partner with churches, organizations, and communities and assist them in creating a tailor-made program which enhances their presence and influence in changing their city. This is done by evaluating a community, creating a plan, and implementing effective strategies to achieve the goals.


We want to help your community, church, or organization make a radical impact. We offer consulting services to train, educate, empower, and engage the people in your community. 

  • Churches
  • Organizations
  • Communities 


  • We want to see the local church engaged in the community and the community engaged in the church. 
  • Our experience is with starting, running, and helping develop churches in order to create a plan in their community.  We offer staff that has experience working at churches, starting and running local outreach, but also staff that has worked with 501c3 para-church organizations.  
  • We have helped numerous churches create effective plans and we assist them in seeing those plans worked out.
  • Do you have a dream to start a non-profit organization?  Or have you started one and it’s not going as you wanted?  Then let us help you!
  • We have helped dozens of non-profits begin or re-birth!  Our areas of expertise include non-profits dealing with poverty, addiction, homelessness, incarceration, housing, and outreach.  However, we would be willing to consult with you on any needs!  This includes board development, staff development, and your mission!
  • We have worked with numerous communities who have a group of organizations, churches, concerned citizens, and businesses that see a need and need help achieving a result to take care of the need!