About One Eighty Enterprises

One Eighty prides itself in not being a "flop house".  One Eighty Enterprises provides a unique opportunity for our residents through our Work Program (One Eighty Enterprises).  We have created numerous work options such as; windows and siding, candle making, cleaning, handyman services (fences, indoor repair, etc.), gardening, and painting.  We take time to train our residents to provide them with the skills they need to perform in the areas they are hired.  We are insured, and the services we offer come with a combined 75 years of experience. 100% of the proceeds from our jobs go directly into One Eighty to off-set operations cost for the nonprofit.  We are blessed to be able to train our residents, give them the skills for future job opportunities, provide finances for the ministry, and ultimately close a "job gap" for our residents.


The EPC is created to offer real-life employment preparation to our residents.  This is done through the following efforts:

  • Classroom:  Residents complete classroom work to improve their skill set and experience. 
  • Resume Building
  • Filling out Applications
  • Mock Interviews
  • Apprenticeship Program:  Offered to those who show the interest and potential to work for One Eighty or within another ministry in some capacity in the future.
  • Entrepreneurship:  We see entrepreneurship as a valuable choice of employment.  If residents show interest and the potential, an entrepreneurship could be made possible through One Eighty.  They first must complete our apprenticeship Program.
  • GED:  A high school diploma or GED is not required, however it is encouraged.  We will assist in this by networking with local agencies to ensure this goal is met.
  • College Courses:  College courses are encouraged and potentially sponsored through local community colleges.

We do residential and commercial:


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If you have any work that needs to be done,
and are interested in helping invest into people's lives,
please consider hiring One Eighty 

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Soy-wax Candles - Pillars, Jars, Votives and Tea Lights. All made of 100% natural soy wax. No residue, no soot - just wonderful fragrances!

It is the goal of One Eighty Enterprises to Ignite New Life in each of our residents and prepare them for success in their new life.  When you buy a candle- you aren’t just buying a candle, you are changing a life.

We are devoted to employing, empowering, and creating second-chance entrepreneurs. A new generation of creativity and energy is being poured into the creation of handmade candles. The amazing women behind the One Eighty women's residential program are able to work and contribute to the success of the business, all while learning how to source supplies, interface with vendors, market products and manage a thriving business. The candle making also provides a valuable outlet for creative energy and allows each resident to learn and develop their God-given gifts.