About Us

One Eighty began out of the testimony of the founder of this organization, Rusty Boruff.  Rusty spent many years as a homeless addict who eventually found himself sitting in Cell 121. He would spend the next year of his life behind bars which is where he met Jesus and began dreaming about starting an organization to help people in his position. A few years later, he and a few of his friends bought a trailer for $500 and began what we now know as, One Eighty. Today One Eighty has gained national recognition as an upcoming leading organization in community development. They’ve been endorsed by several school systems and the government, featured in best-selling books and magazines, and recognized by Grammy and Emmy Award-Winning Artist.


Rusty Boruff

One Eighty Founder & 

Executive Director

Kevin Barker


Megan Richard

Women's Home Supervisor

Chad Williams

Men's Home Supervisor

Tony Soteco


Sharon Barker

Executive Directors Assistant

Phil Patterson

One Eighty Enterprises Director of Operations

Pam McCutcheon

Women's Home Assistant Supervisor

Matt Powell

One Eighty Enterprises Assistant Supervisor

Ken Spranger


Jenny Halupnik


Diana Spranger


Brittany Witt



One Eighty exists to bring hope, love and opportunity to people and communities impacted by crisis, poverty, or addiction.

One Eighty prevents crisis, poverty, and addiction before it happens, reaches out to those who are in crisis, poverty, and addiction and develops those who were in crisis, poverty, and addiction. We do this by helping people build a relationship with Jesus Christ and assisting local churches and organizations to connect with their communities.